Caribbean Land is Precious

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Caribbean Land is Precious

As we try to achieve food security in the Caribbean we are to examine issues related to land use and planning in order to make the most productive use of this precious resource.   Utilizing Caribbean land in an organized and efficient manner can only help ensure that the needs of both present and future generations are considered and that the manner in which we use our land provides maximum benefits in both the short and long term, with little or no degradation of the land.

The questions that we must now ask ourselves:  Do we have adequate land use and planning systems across the region?  Are these systems formalized and used as we advance development?  What can we learn and share in this critical area?  It is when we answer these questions and move to understand the value of our precious land resource that we can take steps to advance food security and independence in the wake of climate change, globalization and our shrinking Caribbean space.

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